Robyn Poses For ‘Out’ Magazine, Talks New LP ‘Honey’

Mike Wass | September 24, 2018 2:00 pm
Robyn Announces New LP, 'Honey'
The wait is over! Robyn announces the release date for 8th LP, 'Honey.'

After keeping a low profile for close to a decade, Robyn is back with a vengeance. Since announcing the October 26 release of Honey, her first album since 2010, the Swedish pop star has come out of her shell — opening up about the creation of the passion project in The New York Times and Out magazine. The latter interview (complete with a stylish photo shoot) arrived online this morning and it contains a detailed explanation of her delicious album title. “I liked that honey is a word people use all the time for their loved ones: It means so much and nothing at the same time,” she said.

“Also, the substance is amazing and sweet and tasty and also kind of weird: It’s something animals make that we eat, and it’s a mythological substance that has been used in a lot of different religions,” Robyn continued. “So it felt both mysterious and everyday for me. I just kept thinking about that word and how I was trying to find this sweet spot where I felt comfortable, able to enjoy being in my own body and finding a place of pleasure again for myself. I felt very sensual, very uplifted.” The 39-year-old also opened up about her various inspirations.

“I just spent time listening to music that I love, dancing, and feeling things out,” the “Missing U” singer revealed, before listing Prince, Donna Summer, George McCrae, Diana Ross and Michael Jackson as special muses. Robyn also turned to literature during the recording process. “I read lot of books that inspired me and informed my writing — books about psychology and human behavior, science and the science of human history.” Read the full interview here and click through the pastel-hued shoot up top.

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