Avril Lavigne’s “Head Above Water” Video Is Suitably Epic

Mike Wass | September 27, 2018 1:30 pm
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The Canadian superstar really should have topped the charts with 'Smile.'

Avril Lavigne made us wait five years for new music, but “Head Above Water” was worth every agonizing second. Inspired by her lengthy battle with Lyme Disease, this is the kind of soaring pop/rock ballad that was perilously close to becoming extinct a couple of years ago. Think Evanescence meets worship music with a sprinkling of the hitmaker’s own special magic. It’s always risky to go against the prevailing trend (i.e. beat-driven pop), but it really paid off. “Head Above Water” reached number one on iTunes this morning and its popularity is only going to increase with the arrival of the video.

Directed by Elliott Lester, “Head Above Water” was filmed in Los Angeles and Iceland. It finds Avril in a flowing, white gown walking along barren cliffs, looking seriously contemplative and suitably tortured. She eventually takes a flying leap into the ocean — a metaphor for letting go and putting your life in God’s hands — and then strikes some gorgeous underwater poses. All in all, it’s every bit as epic as you would expect. If too much Lavigne is never enough, watch the first live performance of “Head Above Water” on Jimmy Kimmel (below). I’m so happy she’s back.

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