The Japanese House Returns With Dreamy Synth-Pop Anthem, “Lilo”

Mike Wass | September 27, 2018 7:37 pm
The Japanese House's New Single
The most buzzed-about artist of 2017 rolls out 'Saw You In A Dream.'

EDIT: The striking video has been added at the bottom of this post.

The Japanese House — known to her family and friends as Amber Bain… I hope — has generated enormous buzz with four, equally flawless EPs and a smattering of pop gems including “Face Like Thunder,” “Cool Blue” and “Saw You In A Dream.” Her winning streak continues today (September 27) with “Lilo,” a sun-dappled daydream of a song about falling in love that floats along on serene synths and gentle hooks. As with all of her music, the subject matter is distinctly personal and was inspired by a new relationship.

After describing her new lady as “everything I needed,” Amber reveals that the song is about “how, to me, her every moment — paired with her approach for life — seemed as serene as the image of a lilo floating across the swimming pool.” There’s also a deeper meaning. “It is a reminder to me that I am good at falling in love and I can survive falling out of it. I’m good at falling.” After blessing us with so much content, it can’t be too long before The Japanese House rolls out her debut album. Hopefully, “Lilo” (below) will be a part of it.

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