“With You” Is Mariah Carey’s Best Single Since “#Beautiful”

Mike Wass | October 4, 2018 1:16 am
Mimi's Sexy 'GTFO' Video
Mariah Carey stuns in black lingerie in her sexy, stylish 'GTFO' video.

Mariah Carey has well and truly got her groove back! After going viral with the infinitely relatable “GTFO,” Mimi rolls out the official lead single of MC15 and it’s a thing of beauty. In fact, “With You” is the legendary diva’s best single since “#Beautiful.” Produced by DJ Mustard (the mastermind behind Ella Mai’s rise to stardom), the gushy love song finds the perfect balance between Mariah’s signature mid-tempo balladry and 2018’s obsession with minimal beats, quirky song structure and relentlessly repetitive hooks.

After laying out a very specific love story (quite possibly her own) in the opening verse, Mariah bares her heart on the chorus. “Shots of Remy, playing Confessions and our bodies blendin’,” the enduring hitmaker coos softly. “(Ooh) I’m in love it’s true, yeah damn I fucks with you.” Only the romance doesn’t end there. After more sweet talk, we arrive at the post-chorus. “I’m in love it’s true, with you (with you).” It took a couple of listens to really click, but now “With You” is stuck in my head and I’m pretty sure it be leaving any time soon. And yes, of course she throws in a trademark whistle.

It will be interesting to see how “With You” is received. Mariah’s label is giving the song a serious push with a performance at the upcoming American Music Awards on October 9 and a high-profile radio campaign. There’s also a chic black-and-white video on the way. With any luck, this could be the song that returns the Lamb Whisperer to the top of the charts. Take a listen below and then download “With You” on iTunes for clearer skin and a better sex life.

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