Lana Del Rey Claps Back At Azealia Banks: “Pull Up Anytime”

Mike Wass | October 9, 2018 8:33 pm
Lana Del Rey's Cosmic 'Love' Video
The past, present and future collide in Lana Del Rey's cosmic 'Love' video.

Lana Del Rey finally had enough. Azealia Banks has been mocking her former BFF for months, first for the “Venice Bitch” singer’s interest in witchcraft and then over her viral comment on Kanye West’s Instagram. (She called him out for supporting Donald Trump). “Don’t use Kanye for your own vapid attempts to seem politically aware when there is SO MUCH MORE bootleg witchcraft you could be doing to TRY and take down 45,” the rapper wrote. “Kanye is not your enemy or THE enemy.” It took a few days, but LDR got around to replying this afternoon (October 9).

“U know the addy,” Lana tweeted at the account Azealia uses to sell asshole-brightening soap. “Pull up anytime. Say it to my face. But if I were you – I wouldn’t.” She didn’t end there. “I won’t not fuck you the fuck up. Period.” Oh, and the 33-year-old had one more parting shot. “Banks. u coulda been the greatest female rapper alive but u blew it. don’t take it out on the only person who had ur back.” Of course, it didn’t take the “212” hitmaker long to fire up her own Twitter and throw some (weak) shade.

“First, we need her to call the surgeon who did her pointy Michael Jackson nose and ask for some kybella for those chicken patties!!” Azealia tweeted after commenting on Lana’s appearance. “Next we need her to head over to Instagram and invest in some @FlatTummyCo lollipops and a $20 waist trainer!” Never one not to have the last word, the Born To Die diva reappeared one last time. “I’ll send you my surgeon’s number and a good psychiatrist I know in LA – your psych meds aren’t working #uneedanewcocktail.” See the drama unfold below.

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