ALMA Comes Out Of Her Shell On Catchy New Single, “Cowboy”

Mike Wass | October 10, 2018 5:13 pm
ALMA's 'Chasing Highs' Video
The pop star hits Las Vegas in her neon-drenched, party-themed 'Chasing Highs' video.

EDIT: The post has been updated with the video, which was filmed in Finland with a bunch of ALMA’s best friends.

ALMA has carved out a niche with her shiny electro-pop anthems, but she switches things up on “Cowboy.” Co-written with pop heavy-hitters Justin Tranter, Sarah Hudson and BloodPop, the instantly catchy track is brasher and bolder than any of her previous singles. It’s also a lot more personal. “When I first left my home town to write in LA I felt scared and small — like the world was way too big and for me,” the Finnish pop star explains. “It took me a long time to work out who I was and what I wanted to say.”

“I was afraid to give away anything personal at first (us Finnish people are naturally very reserved) so it took a long time for me to understand my true identity and start getting it into my songs,” ALMA continues. “So it helped to create an alter ego, to be a Cowboy.” She opens up about her journey on the undeniable bop, and promises to get even realer in the future. “[This] is the first real piece of me I wanted to give away,” the 22-year-old says. “There’s lots more to come. I don’t want to bullshit anyone or write empty pop bangers.”

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