GOLDN’s “Break It” Video Will Give You A Contact High: Premiere

Mike Wass | October 16, 2018 11:59 am

After writing and producing songs for other artists, GOLDN decided it was time to launch a project of his own. The LA-based singer’s debut EP, once upon a star, Pt. 1, arrived in July and it’s the first chapter of a larger narrative documenting the lifecycle of a relationship. The obvious highlight is “Break It,” an instantly catchy banger with emo lyrics and a quirky chorus. “This song was formed when I was first falling for this savage-type stoner gal,” he explains. “On one of the faded nights at her place, I thought of the clever lyric… ‘if I gave you my heart, you’d probably just break it, roll it and smoke it.'”

“Then, later that week, I brought the lyric to life in the studio with Sean Meier and Mick Coogan,” GOLDN continues. “This is the song that kicks off the story of the relationship on the EP, and you’ll actually be getting to hear the next chapter on November 2 with the release of ‘Heartbreak Drugs.'” But before that arrives, the 23-year-old is dropping a suitably weed-fueled video for “Break It.” In it, the rising star gets high with his girlfriend and does fun stuff like smoke hookah in the bath and play around with shopping carts.

“Making the video was a blast, seeing the vision come to life, I really wanted to capture the feeling I first had while falling for her, and caught in the smokey cloud I was in while I was with her,” GOLDN says of the video. “We actually shot the video at the house I lived in while the whole relationship was going on. So dope seeing the vision come to life. Thankful for everyone on the team that made this idea come to fruition.” We’re excited to premiere the video up top.

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