Noah Cyrus Poses For Edgy ‘Galore’ Shoot, Talks Touring & ‘Good Cry’ EP

Mike Nied | October 16, 2018 1:14 pm
Noah Cyrus' 'Good Cry' EP
Breakup songs and bops. We review Noah Cyrus' impressive 'Good Cry' EP.

Noah Cyrus is at her controversial best as she strikes a pose for the latest issue of Galore. Wrapping herself in a black feathered boa on the magazine’s cover, the 18-year-old delivers a moody pout. The remaining photos from the shoot with Prince and Jacob are equally evocative as she channels Mia Wallace of Pulp Fiction. In some, the “Team” diva reclines on a bed and flips off the camera. In others, the queen of dramatic posing stretches out across a luxurious sofa with a cat beside her and vamps it up at a retro diner. However, the rising star is bound to raise some eyebrows as she appears to snort lines of glitter in others.

The accompanying interview is equally edgy as it promises to discuss Noah’s “first tour, releasing music she’s really passionate about, skincare tips, and smoking blunts on the couch with her dog.” In it, she provides some insight into the release of her debut EP, Good Cry. “Good Cry is super special to me because for the past two years I was in a really tough relationship and a really tough self-battle. Over that period of time, I just kept writing about what was going on in my life, and suddenly I had a cohesive 6 songs that wound up being the EP.”

She went on to explain the collection’s inspiration – “the inside of my fucked up life that nobody actually sees.” As Noah travels North America on tour, she gave fans a glimpse of what to expect from her live show. “A lot of emotion and a window into what I’ve been going through for the last two years,” she said. “But I sing two covers that are really important to me, and also do a tribute to XXXTentacion in each set as well.” With Billy Ray Cyrus as her dad and Miley as her sister, some would say music runs through her veins. And it turns out that her family has inspired her creative process in several ways.

“My grandfather inspires a lot of my creativity in my music. He was in a gospel quartet, and I like to add a lot of gospel harmonies in my music because of his influence,” she said. That’s not all though. “My merch on tour is also inspired by my dad’s merch in the ‘90s.” Noah also opened up about one of her musical goals – performing at Staples Center – and teased what is next for her. “More music, more touring, more collaborations.” Scroll through a gallery of pics from the shoot up top and read the rest of her feature here.

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