LP Reveals The Cover & Tracklist Of New Album, ‘Heart To Mouth’

Mike Wass | October 16, 2018 2:53 pm
LP Talks 'Lost On You' & Songwriting
We speak to LP about breakout hit 'Lost On You' and second chances.

After a decade of label changes and hard toil behind the scenes, LP’s proverbial ship finally came in when “Lost On You” caught fire in Europe in 2016. The stirring ukulele ballad topped the charts in 12 countries and cracked the top 10 in several others. It spawned a similarly-titled album in 2017 and reestablished Laura (her real name) as one of music’s leading singer/songwriters. She is capitalizing on that momentum by rolling out a new opus called Heart To Mouth on December 7.

“When I get on the mic and start doing melodies, I can feel that direct line from my heart to my mouth,” LP says in reference to the album title. “In the past, there was a city full of streets that needed my attention. Now, I feel like I have a major highway to communicate emotion from. Whether they’re sadder songs or big anthems, they all come from the same place.” Get a taste of Heart To Mouth by revisiting “Girls Go Wild” here and checking out current single, “Recovery,” below. You can also take a look at the tracklist and cover art.

LP’s Heart To Mouth tracklist:

1. Dreamcatcher

2. When I’m Over You

3. One Night In the Sun

4. Girls Go Wild

5. Recovery

6. The Power

7. Dreamer

8. House On Fire

9. Hey Nice To Know Ya

10. Die For Your Love

11. Shaken

12. Special

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