Tove Lo’s ‘Lady Wood’ Saga Concludes With Bold ‘Blue Lips’ Visual

Mike Wass | October 22, 2018 5:18 pm
Tove Lo's 'Disco Tits' Video
Tove Lo makes out with a puppet in her outrageous 'Disco Tits' video.

Whether she’s making out with a puppet or masturbating the pain away, Tove Lo is pop’s most fearless star. That rebellious streak really came to the fore in the Lady Wood era — both musically and visually. As such, it only makes sense that the Swede would wind it up with a breathtakingly bold mini-movie for Blue Lips. Directed by Malia James, the outrageous saga finds the hitmaker on a girls’ weekend with her BFF (played by Ana Coto). There’s drinking, drugs, dancing and, best of all, a scene where she reclines on a stack of toilet paper and hallucinates.

“[This is] the last chapter of the Lady Wood Era, and it couldn’t have been completed in a better way than making this film with Malia,” Tove says of the visual, which premiered on the big screen at Los Angeles’ iconic Vista Theater. “All our late nights at her house where we watched movie after movie about love, friendships and all the drama that comes with it, sharing our own stories and feeling our very first film take shape.” The director also points out the film’s uniquely feminist perspective.

“We’re exploring an era of feminism where more females are controlling the gaze,” Malia explains. “I want to show that women can be sexual and sensual in a way that’s not gratuitous or objectifying. Where jeans and tank tops replace miniskirts and curled hair. Where eating a burger or picking your swimsuit out of your butt are sexy. Where the entire essence of a woman is what makes us desirable. Where being yourself is seductive.” Watch the dazzling, 25-minute video up top and read Tove’s comments on the “tub scene” below.

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