Tove Lo Escapes To (Party) Narnia In Major Lazer’s “Blow That Smoke” Video

Mike Wass | October 24, 2018 1:05 pm
Tove Lo's 'Disco Tits' Video
Tove Lo makes out with a puppet in her outrageous 'Disco Tits' video.

Tove Lo cemented her status as the queen of edgy pop visuals when Blue Lips arrived last week. That mini-movie, which concludes the Lady Wood saga, finds the Swedish pop star drinking, drugging and dancing her way through a girls’ weekend. The video for “Blow That Smoke,” her insidiously catchy collaboration with Major Lazer, isn’t quite as explicit or hard-hitting, but it also deals with the theme of escaping reality. Only this time, the 30-year-old enters Party Narnia through a closet in a hotel room.

“When we had finished the song [Diplo] asked me if I had any fun ideas for a video and I came up with Party Narnia that night,” Tove explains. “I was very happy Major Lazer were all down and into it. The director duo DAD took it on and all of us had some great inspo talks before the shoot. They really nailed it with the narrative, cast and all the different worlds and dimensions. I think the video really captures the message of the song — the sweet escape from mundane life that can feel so good.” Watch it up top and then revisit Blue Lips below.

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