Sara Bareilles Celebrates Womanhood On Her Resilient “Armor”

Mike Nied | October 26, 2018 12:36 am

Sara Bareilles takes a stand on her new single, “Armor.” The 38-year-old is currently hard at work on a follow-up to 2013’s critically acclaimed The Blessed Unrest. Today (October 26), she offers up a first taste of what she’s been working on and celebrates the resiliency of women on her jaunty anthem. Taking it all the way back to biblical days, the track delivers a response to recent instances of social and political injustices women have faced. “To all the dirty looks, the kitty cat calls. To the ones who try and throw us up against the back walls, let me tell you something you’ll understand. Only the little boys tell you they’re a big man,” she chants. It all builds up to the sing-along chorus.

“All, my, my, my, my armor comes from you. You make me try, try, try, try harder. Oh that’s all I ever do.” Bold and uplifting, “Armor” is a rallying call for women of all backgrounds. And the accompanying lyric video is equally evocative. For it, the Waitress star recruited a diverse cast. Posing in front of vibrant backgrounds, they hold up hand-written signs featuring the impassioned lyrics. It is truly a thing of beauty and makes it clear that Sara’s latest resonates deeply. Hopefully she is able to arrange a performance in the near future. It would be amazing to see her replicate the visual in a live setting. In the meantime, press play on the empowering anthem and check out the lyric video below!

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