Allie X’s ‘Super Sunset’ Mini-Album Is Pop Perfection

Mike Nied | October 31, 2018 11:24 am
Allie X's 'Not So Bad In LA'
The kooky pop star drops a suitably twisted tribute to the City Of Angels.

No one does pop quite like Allie X. Since “Catch” went viral in 2014, the Canadian has carved out a niche with her clever lyrics, crystalline voice and left-of-center productions. Everything she touches carries her distinct signature. And her latest collection is no exception. Monday (October 29) she unveiled her mini-album, Super Sunset. On it, she documents her personal LA experience. “Four years ago, I moved to Los Angeles and my life was forever altered. This record chronicles the ups and downs of living in the City Of Angels, the magic of falling in love and the utter madness one feels trying to make it,” she said in a teaser. More importantly, every song is literal pop perfection.

After setting the scene with a jazzy intro, Allie hops right into the swing of things on “Not So Bad In LA.” The haunting tribute channels Lana Del Rey’s moody ethos but puts a decidedly more realistic spin on things. “In a city that lives while its bright stars die. And you start to get old when you turn 25. Where else can you go when you’ve got that drive,” she ponders before delivering her final verdict over a throbbing bass. The “Sanctuary” diva returns to familiar territory, bright synth pop, on “Little Things.” Lamenting mundane annoyances, she prepares for “death by a thousand cuts” as the beat races underneath her evocative vocals. There is a swift about-face with the arrival of the love-struck “Science.” A glistening electro-ballad, it features some particularly tender writing.

“Yeah, we’ve got next to nothing. But nothing feels so right as stumbling through the dark with you. Comets in the sky,” she coos as the production unfurls. “Yeah we got the timing, right down to a science.” After the gentle promise of romance, the transition to the project’s latest single, “Girl Of The Year,” is a little jarring. Euphoric synths and sharp beats take center stage as Allie realizes her relationship is fleeting. “I’m nothing to you, that’s what you like. I’m just a battery to keep you energized.” However, she settles into the illusion. “If you see me coming, you better show me you’re in love,” she commands. “I like your lies.” A short interlude contradicts her bubbly acceptance and transitions into the final two tracks on the collection.

“Can’t Stop Now” highlights the rising star’s ambition and perseverance. A breezy mid-tempo, it explores her frustrations with the city. “The sun goes up, my heart goes down. I’ve spent too long in this ghost town. Sometimes I wanna leave, I wanna get out,” she admits. However, instead of accepting defeat, she soldiers onward. “I can’t stop now. I’ve seen too much, I can’t forget.” The vibey anthem adds additional depth and likely deserves a single treatment in the coming months. Meanwhile, the project closes out with its gorgeous lead single, “Focus.” The apocalyptic torch song remains as breathtaking as it was back in June. “Keep your eyes on me. There ain’t anybody else,” she begs a lover as the world turns to hell around them. Seriously, this is chill-inducing.

Lush and extravagant, Super Sunset delivers more of Allie X’s one-of-a-kind brand of pop. Each song creates an intricately detailed world centered by a unique character. But through it all, the hitmaker never loses control. This is her story, and she is the ultimate guide. Each moment is a perfectly preserved hit with its own merits, and you won’t want to miss a second. Stream the project below and pick a favorite track!

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