WILD’s Cute & Quirky “I’ll Let You Know” Video: Premiere

Mike Wass | November 1, 2018 12:02 pm

WILD needs to be on your pop radar. The band exists in a lovely space somewhere between indie-rock and folk-pop, and has steadily been growing their following with a bunch of syncs — you might have heard their music in Life Itself or Goosebumps 2 — and viral hits like “Back To You” and “Throw Me In The Water.” They hope to take it to the next level on Friday (November 2) with the arrival of their debut EP, Lace & Layers. One of the many gems contained therein is a perky tune called “I’ll Let You Know.”

“[The song] is about finding comfort in the fact that whenever you think you’re alone in going through something, you’re not,” WILD says of the instantly catchy, relentlessly upbeat anthem. “There’s someone out there struggling in the same way you are, and it’s okay to not be okay.” The visual is similarly cheerful and serotonin-raising. “We had a super fun time making the video,” the LA-based trio raves. “Lola Blanc directed it and went above and beyond. She just gave the song the emotional boost it needed.”

Their final word? “The video makes you want to get up and dance and that’s how we always want to make people feel.” We’re excited to premiere WILD’s “I’ll Let You Know” video below.

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