Mariah Carey Throws A Little Shade On Fiery Bop, “A No No”

Mike Wass | November 1, 2018 12:20 pm
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Mariah Carey is a world-renowned master of shade. From that iconic “I don’t know her” quip about Jennifer Lopez to bringing up Nicki Minaj’s lack of number one hits on national TV, nobody makes a point with as much flair as Mimi. Of course, that translates into her music. Just ask Eminem. The rapper is still recovering from “Obsessed,” otherwise known as the best diss track of all time. It should warm your heart to learn that the Lamb Whisperer is feeling a little feisty on “A No No,” the latest buzz track from Caution.

“I ain’t even mad, no, not like befo’, off with your head — now slither out the door,” Mariah begins the throwback bop, which is rumored to be about ex-manager Stella Bulochnikov. If that wasn’t direct enough, the freshest-faced 48-year-old on the planet makes several points in the chorus. “You shoulda’ known that it’s bigger than you, you’ll never know what I already knew,” she coos, before cutting this person out of her life for good. “I said no, no no no, a no no.” Co-written with Priscilla Renea, this is the most instant song from Caution yet.

Speaking of the album of the year, Mimi announced the tracklist of Caution yesterday (October 31) with a little help from her legendary Lambs. Pre-order Mariah’s 15th LP here and listen to the delightfully shady “A No No” below.

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