Little Mix’s “Joan Of Arc” Is A Fierce & Feminist Banger

Mike Nied | November 1, 2018 10:59 pm

The ladies of Little Mix aren’t holding anything back ahead of the release of LM5 later this month. They kicked off the era by linking up with Nicki Minaj on lead single “Woman Like Me,” which has already burned up the charts in the UK. It soared into the Top 5 and has amassed more than 34 million streams on Spotify. Meanwhile, the accompanying video – one of their best – has been viewed more than 23 million times. After a show-stopping performance on X Factor earlier this week, it seems safe to assume that “Woman Like Me” will be flying further up the chart. But that’s not all. Today (November 1), they provided another taste of the project and head straight to the club on the feisty, “Joan Of Arc.”

A fiercely feminist anthem, it is an undeniable banger. “One foot in the club, everybody watch me. One pop of that booty, everybody love me. Ain’t the reason I’m cocky. I make myself feel sexy,” they brazenly announce over a slinky beat. “Fanning myself, I’m stanning myself. I love me so much I put my hands on myself.” Things get even more self-assured as they move into the bumping chorus. “I don’t need a man. If I’m loving you it’s cause I can.” It reminds me of some of the edgier bops on 2016’s Glory Days (namely “Power” and “Down & Dirty”), and it is easy to imagine this filling dance floors across the globe. Based on a teaser that appeared online, it looks like a video is in the works. And I expect it to be an equally sexy visual feast.

If so, Little Mix may have two releases in the Top 10 very soon. Press play on “Joan Of Arc” below!

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