She’s Back! Cheryl Drops New Single, “Love Made Me Do It”

Mike Wass | November 8, 2018 11:00 pm
Cheryl's 'I Don't Care' Video
The UK pop star unveils a suitably carefree video for new hit 'I Don't Care.'

EDIT: You can stream the song at the bottom of the post.

Cheryl will make a (hopefully) triumphant return to pop later this week with a new single called “Love Made Me Do It.” The former Girls Aloud member announced the song via her social media accounts earlier this morning by sharing a snippet of the video. If that’s anything to go by, the 35-year-old is coming back with a banger. She shows off some slick choreography in the ’90s-evoking visual and serves a couple of striking looks. The dark brown hair suits her and the beat is pretty addictive. “Love Made Me Do It” drops on November 9.

Of course, Cheryl took an extended break from music to raise a family with Liam Payne (they have since separated) and focus on her television career. That being said, she has serious receipts as a solo artist. The “3 Words” hitmaker has landed five chart-toppers in the UK and had a perfect record of top 20 hits until “Only Human” stalled at number 70 in 2015. It will be interesting to see how the Brit fares in the streaming era, which heavily favors younger artists. Given her enduring popularity, Cheryl should be fine. Listen below.

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