She’s Back! Ashley Tisdale Launches A New Era With “Voices In My Head”

Mike Nied | November 8, 2018 12:18 am

2018 has been littered with unexpected twists and turns. But as of today (November 8), things are finally looking fabulous again! And it will be all things fabulous, bigger, better and best looking forward. Why? Because Ashley Tisdale, the icon responsible for nostalgia-inducing bops including “He Said She Said” and “It’s Alright, It’s OK,” has returned to us. The 33-year-old officially launched a new era and graced us with her latest single, “Voices In My Head.” It has been nearly a decade since the unveiling of her last studio album – 2009’s Guilty Pleasure. Things have certainly changed for the thespian who brought Sharpay Evans to life, but she brings us up to speed her buoyant new release.

Bridging the gap between the saccharine pop of her roots and the acoustic fare she explores on YouTube, “Voices In My Head” has all the makings of a hit. On it, Ashley fights back against insecurities that threaten her relationship. “I got these feelings, I try to bury down. But they keep screaming. And I’m just trying to filter out somehow, but they don’t wanna leave,” she admits. However, her lover provides the support to help her fight back and embrace reality. “And you got every reason to walk out the door. But you rather be next to me,” she coos. In all seriousness, it is exactly what I hoped to hear from the hitmaker in 2018. And it has me very excited to see what she has in store moving forward. The heartfelt anthem serves as the first taste of her third LP, titled Symptoms.

If the rest of the material is this good, it goes without saying that pop music will officially be saved. Press play on Ashley’s future hit below!

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