“The Walker” Is Christine And The Queens’ Best Video Yet

Mike Wass | November 8, 2018 12:50 pm
Christine's Epic 'Girlfriend' Video
Christine And The Queens serve choreography on a construction site.

Christine And The Queens does pop differently. And I’m not talking about the pop star’s nifty habit of releasing songs in French and English. She approaches the genre with the seriousness of an academic, pouring more ideas and emotions into three and a half minutes of blissful synth-pop than should be possible. That skill is on full display on Chris, her critically-adored sophomore LP. From the funk-laced “Girlfriend” to the pure-pop of “5 Dollars” (below), every lyric and beat has been obsessed over.

That’s particularly true of “The Walker,” the album’s excellent fourth single. “It is about the audacity of someone wounded,” Christine says of the introspective mid-tempo. “By exposing the wounds you can hurl yourself against violence before you are killed by it.” That theme comes to life with remarkable clarity in the stunning video. Directed by Colin Solal Cardo, the visual finds our heroine strolling through what seems to be the Spanish country side.

She is dressed as a matador, complete with scrapes on her face from a recent confrontation. However, Christine symbolically frees herself from that merciless duel by throwing away her jacket and befriending a bull. It’s beautifully filmed, strikingly composed and unexpectedly powerful. Watch Christine And The Queens at the peak of her powers up top.

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