Little Mix Celebrate The Power Of Friendship On “Told You So”

Mike Nied | November 8, 2018 10:46 pm

The ladies of Little Mix are just like anyone else. When they’re going through a tough break up all they want is a cup of tea (maybe something stronger) and their best friends by their side. They know together they can weather any broken heart. And the girl group celebrates the healing power of friendship on their latest LM5 buzz track, “Told You So.” Released today (November 8), it is a stark departure from the rollicking club beats of last week’s “Joan Of Arc.” Instead they strip things back in favor of acoustic strings and sparse beats. “We said it, you wouldn’t listen. But finally you found out, that he’s never gonna love you like we do,” they gently coo. “But please, he’s never gonna find no one like you.”

Things get even sweeter on the chorus. “Girl just come round mine tonight. I’ve got wine and make-up wipes. I’ll hold you. I’ll hold you,” they promise. And it extends beyond just physical comfort. They also vow not to judge one another for their mistakes. “I told you, but I’m never gonna say I told you so.” The girls talked about how important the song was to them in a post on Instagram. “If there was a song on the album to define us it would be this one… true friendship. No matter what we’ll always look out for each other.” All things considered, it is both an adorable tribute to the group’s tight bond and another promising taste of their forthcoming album.

At this rate, LM5 is shaping up to be one of the most eclectic LPs of the year. After kicking things off with the Nicki Minaj-assisted “Woman Like Me,” they have explored a wide range of territory. However, each track has been held together by one underlying theme – girl power. And each has me more excited for the album to arrive. November 16 cannot come soon enough.

Call your best friend and press play on Little Mix’s new anthem below!

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