Stream Sabrina Carpenter’s Bop-Filled ‘Singular Act 1

Mike Nied | November 9, 2018 1:53 pm

Sabrina Carpenter truly earned her status as one of pop’s most consistent acts. The 19-year-old has the magic touch, and her talents are on full display on her new album, Singular Act 1. Arriving today (November 9), the eight-track collection is jam-packed with bop after bop. Her Stargate-assisted lead single, “Almost Love” kicks things off. The edgy anthem is as salient as ever, but it is merely a taste of what is to come. From there, she moves directly into the throbbing “Paris.” An ode to the city of love, it features a writing credit from Leland. “It’s so romantic in Paris. Won’t even try to compare it,” she sweetly coos. However, instead of shacking up with a sexy Parisian, the rising star is bombarded with memories of her Los Angeles lover.

While “Paris” is a personal favorite, it is hard to rank the rest of the album. “Hold Tight,” the album’s sole collaboration, is a slinky and vaguely retro R&B delight. The bedroom banger could be paired with the equally enticing “Mona Lisa.” On the latter, Sabrina drops some flirty and creative lines. “Both of my eyes, they’ve been fixing on you. Wasting your time, should be making that move,” she urges. “Come and say ‘Hi, I’ve been dying to meet ya.’ Don’t leave me hanging like the Mona Lisa.” The relationship gets more serious on “prfct,” a tribute to the reality of love. “It won’t be perfect. But I know it could be worth it,” she realizes on the stuttering chorus. “And for all the nights, tears running down my face, messing up my mascara. It’s not perfect. But maybe that’s what we need.”

Meanwhile “Sue Me” is a self-assured tune for the end of a relationship. On it, the “Why” hitmaker addresses a former flame after unexpectedly meeting him in a club. “So sue me for looking too pretty tonight. Wearing your favorite color under the lights. For moving on, doing everything right,” she brazenly sings. The sassy kiss-off is undeniable fun. As is the synth-driven “Bad Time.” Sabrina closes out the collection with “Diamonds Are Forever,” another favorite that sees her recognizing her worth. “I am a diamond, and diamonds are forever,” she belts. “My love is timeless, cause diamonds are forever.” After one listen you won’t be able to resist singing along. Lush with potential hits, Singular Act 1 is another near-perfect work from one of the industry’s brightest young stars. Stream the collection and pick a favorite song below!

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