Finally! The Japanese House Announces Debut LP, ‘Good At Falling’

Mike Wass | November 12, 2018 1:35 pm
The Japanese House's 'Lilo' Video
Amber Bain returns to the music scene with a serene new single called 'Lilo.'

After dropping four sublime EPs, The Japanese House (AKA Amber Bain) has finally announced her debut album. Good At Falling arrives on March 1, 2019 and boasts the sweeping, scenic artwork that we have come to expect from the breakout star. As expected, it includes the dreamy “Lilo” and just-released “Follow My Girl.” The 23-year-old revealed that the latter is about “trying to find myself a sense of direction” and that really comes through on the gently meandering anthem.

“Different people have their different ways of living, I chose mine and it was unforgiving,” Amber begins the song over sweeping, multi-layered production. “Someone gave me guidance there was something in it, I put it into practice and I tried to live it.” The Brit ultimately decides to go with flow until something sticks. “Nothing feels good it’s not right, so I’ll follow my girl ’til I found myself a sense of direction.” Fair enough. Listen to “Follow My Girl” and check out the tantalizing tracklist of Good At Falling below.

The Japanese House’s Good At Falling tracklist:

1. went to meet her (intro)

2. Maybe You’re The Reason

3. We Talk All The Time

4. Wild

5. You Seemed So Happy

6. Follow My Girl

7. somethingfartoogoodtofeel

8. Lilo

9. Everybody Hates Me

10. Marika Is Sleeping

11. Worms

12. f a r a w a y

13. i saw you in a dream

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