Adam Lambert Poses For ‘Schon!,’ Hints At New Musical Direction

Mike Nied | November 13, 2018 12:28 pm

Adam Lambert embraces the bohemian lifestyle in a new shoot for Schon! magazine. The 36-year-old serves some fresh looks for photographer Ben Duggan. Pairing a long weave with bold prints, he keeps things chic and relaxed in the arty photos. The final result is a bit of a departure from some of the more traditionally glam shoots he has done in the past (like September’s for Client magazine). However, it is nice to see the hitmaker taking some creative risks. Even more excitingly, the accompanying interview alludes to the approaching release of new music. It has been three years since the unveiling of The Original High. Fans are clamoring for a taste of something new, and it is definitely on the way.

Speaking with Sara Delgado, Adam opened up about the process of landing on a sonic direction for the new music. “I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do for a minute, as far as my solo career,” he admitted. “Now, I’ve explored some new sounds and some new concepts and I’m on the course to put something out, but it took a second to discover that for myself, for this project.” What did that process entail? “I was really digging, trying to find some authenticity. The most authentic sound and style that I could.” As it turns out, the “Another Lonely Night” crooner found inspiration in the sounds of the past. “There’s a lot of reference to Glam-Rock and Classic Rock of the ‘70s and the early ‘80s.”

He went on to draw comparisons to his second album, Trespassing. “I feel there’s also some parallel to my second album. I mean it’s a general statement to make because obviously, it’s more than one song, but I think fans will draw some comparisons.” Adam also gave a hint of what to expect from the music thematically. “I think there are some general ideas of resilience in the theme. There’s a theme of sort of being in your power. And if you’re not in it, kind of taking it back,” he said. “Definitely plenty of longing… there’s a sense of longing in searching for intimacy. The search for intimacy and the elusiveness of it.”

The interview also hits on how he balances his schedule between touring with Queen and working on solo material as well as touching on the current state of the LGBTQ+ community. Scroll through a gallery of photos from the shoot up top and check out the rest of the interview here!

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