Sandro Cavazza & Lou Elliotte’s “Used To” Video: Premiere

Mike Wass | November 14, 2018 9:00 am

While the name Sandro Cavazza might not be familiar to you yet, chances are you have heard his voice. The Swedish singer/songwriter has featured on numerous club tracks including Avicii’s “Without You” and Kygo’s “Happy Now.” He has also released a bunch of his own songs. “High With Somebody” conquered the airwaves in Sweden over the summer, while a new single arrived last week. A collaboration with Lou Elliotte, “Used To” is the perfect introduction to the 26-year-old’s emotional voice and knack for writing heart-squeezing lyrics.

“We wrote the song as a duet picturing a lost relationship, a couple dreaming about how it used to be perfect and not understanding how it all went wrong,” Sandro says of the rising hit. “I think anyone who has ever been in a relationship will be able to relate to this song.” For the video, the (fictional) couple went full method — filming footage and taking pictures in beautiful locations across Europe. “It’s crazy but we worked on the video for more than one year,” he reveals.

“We wanted to make the video as relatable and genuine as possible, therefore we took thousands of pictures just so that people will be able to feel that it’s real.” Sandro’s collaborator shared his dedication. “Since the lyrics are so personal and beautiful, we wanted to take pictures that really emphasize [them],” Lou explains. “We traveled to Oslo, London and Paris to take photos. We did the typical romantic trip to Paris that every couple does.” We’re very excited to premiere the video below.

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