Here Are 18 Shirtless Pics Of Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds

Mike Nied | November 15, 2018 1:46 pm
Dan's uplifting 'Skipping Stone'
Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds calls for unity on 'Skipping Stone.'

Imagine Dragons is the biggest rock band in the world right now. The Las Vegas four-piece has the magic touch, racking up hit after hit. Last week, they dropped their fourth album, Origins, unleashing another wave of pop/rock anthems. That’s not all, though. Frontman Dan Reynolds is also serious fitness goals. If you need any proof, check out any of the band’s performances. Thankfully, the 31-year-old frequently takes the stage without a shirt and his abs are a sight to behold.

Songs should be written about those abs and the thirst they inspire. The situation is made infinitely better by the fact that the “Skipping Stones” singer is a fervent supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. What is a better gift to the gays than posing topless with a pride flag? Posing topless with two. Rest assured that Dan has done just that. In honor of Imagine Dragons’ latest release, I took on the momentous task of compiling some of his best shirtless moments. You’re welcome. Grab a glass of water to cool down and scroll through the sexy, sexy gallery up top! While you’re here, you can also press play on Origins below!

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