Laura Imbruglia Returns With The Cocteau Twins-Inspired “Diptych”

Mike Wass | November 14, 2018 1:55 pm
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My love for Laura Imbruglia goes back to the arrival of It Makes A Crunchy Noise in 2003. In addition to including a song called “A Flop In The Sack,” the EP showcased the Aussie singer/songwriter’s mastery of oddball harmonies and knack for writing head-scratching lyrics. (There are songs about gay vegetarians and cicadas). Over the next decade, she released three excellent albums and then abruptly pulled the plug on her music career to focus on a web-based variety show. I was miffed, but Amateur Hour was super rad.

Happily, the thinking man’s indie-pop queen returned to her true calling earlier this year. “Tricks” found Laura in a particularly upbeat and accessible mood (the video is truly a sight to behold), but I missed some of her trademark weirdness. Thankfully, it’s well-represented on “Diptych.” What’s it all about? “I wrote this song at the Bundanon residency I participated in late last year,” she says in her newsletter. “There was an abstract diptych on the wall, and it got me thinking about diptychs and humans and how some relationships resemble diptychs — one person/piece filling in important bits that the other person/piece is missing.”

“Anyway, this song is a bit more dark and moody than the last single,” Laura continues. “It’s heavily inspired by Cocteau Twins, who I love.” That influence definitely comes across on the dreamy production and multi-layered chorus. Welcome back!

Listen to “Diptych”:

Laura’s iconic “Tricks” video:

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