Loren Gray Shows Major Pop Potential On New Single, “Kick You Out”

Mike Nied | November 16, 2018 1:45 am
Loren Gray Interview
The social media sensation opens up about her debut single & future plans.

Loren Gray is poised to be the next social media sensation to successfully make the transition to pop stardom. With more than 14.6 million followers on Instagram, the 16-year-old has a dedicated fan base that is growing by the week. More importantly, she has the music to back things up. This year, she landed a deal at Virgin Records and made a good first impression with the sugary “My Story.” It debuted at number one on Spotify’s Global Viral Chart and went on to garner more than 4.75 million streams. Loren will be hoping for even bigger things with her new single. Out today (November 16), “Kick You Out” is a feisty bop about purging an ex from your memory.

“No one haunts me like you do, in the darkness of my bedroom. It’s hard when what we went through, it chases me round, chases me round,” Loren muses over beats courtesy of Ido Zmishlany. Moving into the stuttering chorus, she realizes it is time to say goodbye. “Oh my, oh my, oh my god I’m freaking out. Haven’t even seen you since I’ve fallen out. Been like seven months since we, since we kicked it now. I just need to kick you out of my head.” The accompanying video brings the song to life as she destroys mementos that remind her of Mr. Wrong. We’ve all been there.

“It’s about trying to forget about someone,” the budding pop star explains in the press release. “I was feeling really vulnerable, and the song came right from my heart.” What’s next for Loren? In our exclusive interview, she revealed that there will be a couple more singles before the arrival of an EP. And sonically, we can expect more pop perfection. “It’s something that I listen to and something that I love to sing. So I always gravitate towards pop music anyways,” she explained. Sounds good to me. Watch the video below.

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