Rebel Vibes: Brooke Candy Goes “Nuts” On Her New Single

Mike Nied | November 16, 2018 1:24 am
Brooke's 'Opulence' Video
Brooke Candy's demented 'Opulence' video will turn you on and give you nightmares.

You may think Brooke Candy is out of her mind, but she could not care less. The 29-year-old has been exploring new territory since rebranding as an independent artist last year. She kicked off 2018 by making a political statement on the rock-infused “War” and blasted out a sex-positive message over supersized beats on “My Sex.” Today (November 16) she goes full pop-punk on the utterly fucks-free “Nuts.” A collaboration with rapper Lil Aaron, it was written with the assistance of Jesse Saint John and Sarah Hudson. Riding a wall of sound, the hitmakers deliver some unbothered lines.

“Built an empire just to knock it down. Light it up and burn it to the ground,” Brooke growls over bellowing beats. “Kill the infrastructure, fuck the crown. They told me to sit down. They told me to listen. Well motherfucker who’s listening now.” The “Volcano” star erupts on the chanted chorus. “I go nuts. They call me nuts. I go nuts.” Lil Aaron’s verse is equally in your face. “I do whatever I want when I want. Got one hand on the bottle other hand on a blunt,” he announces. The final result is an absolute aural affront. But there is no denying that the anthem will worm its way in your head and have you screaming along. I’m hoping there is a video in the works as well.

Considering the hitmakers’ distinct images, any visual collaboration would definitely leave a lasting impression. Things are looking up for Brooke. In a recent interview with Notion, the “Opulence” hitmaker discussed her newfound independence and teased plans for her debut album. Hopefully new music comes sooner than later. In the meantime, press play on the high-octane collaboration below!

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