Mariah Carey’s ‘Caution’ Is Here & Pop Will Never Be The Same

Mike Wass | November 16, 2018 12:35 pm
Mimi's Stunning 'With You' Video
Mariah Carey serves looks, glamor and luxury in ravishing 'With You' video.

28 years have passed since the arrival of Mariah Carey’s seminal, self-titled debut LP and she’s still taking creative risks. While most of her contemporaries are going through the motions (or semi-retired), Mimi just released one of the best albums of her career. Caution is a lean, mean masterpiece that delivers a cohesive listening experience that ignores trends and focuses on quality. This is a rare case of all killer, no filler.

Caution exists in an alternate universe that fuses ’80s and ’90s R&B with sleek, modern production to create something both modern and timeless. As impressive as that is, the result wouldn’t be as compelling without Mariah’s lyrical genius. In many ways, MC15 is a concept album about relationships. It begins with one ending (“GTFO”) and becomes increasingly loved-up as a new one begins. From “With You” to “Giving Me Life” and “Stay Long Love You,” this is an unashamedly romantic collection of songs.

And then there is that voice. Mariah’s otherworldly instrument has never sounded better. Caution isn’t about showing off on power ballads. Mimi can do that shit in her sleep. She is more interested in using her full range to add texture and flair in the most unexpected places. While I get to work on my track-by-track review (the Lambily has spoken!), stream the living legend’s wig-annihilating opus below.

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