A Yes Yes! Mariah Carey Hints At A Collaboration With Cardi B & Lil’ Kim

Mike Wass | November 20, 2018 1:33 pm
Mariah Carey's 'Caution': Album Review
Here's our track-by-track review of Mariah's impeccable 'Caution' album.

Mariah Carey, holy queen of octaves and number one hits, dropped by Watch What Happens Live last night (November 19) and spilled a little tea. A fan asked if she would be interested in working with Cardi B, which prompted the following revelation. “I would love for that to happen,” the first lady of the Lambily responded. “The song you guys were just playing, ‘A No No,’ which was originally Lil’ Kim’s song — we love Kim. And I was hoping the three of us could do a collaboration, that would be great.”

However, it’s not a done deal. “If nobody puts it together, it’s not going to happen,” Mimi admitted, before adding: “Things happen real quick these days, you never know.” Kim & Cardi B better be in a limo on their way to the studio right now because the world needs this. Not only would it be a huge hit, but the remix would bring a little unity to female rap. In other interesting news, Mariah revealed that she will be adding a medley of songs from the iTunes-topping Glitter soundtrack to the Caution World Tour as a thank-you to fans. Watch above and below.

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