More ABBA? Cher Hints At Sequel To ‘Dancing Queen’ LP

Mike Wass | November 20, 2018 6:28 pm
Album Review: Cher's 'Dancing Queen'
We review the pop icon's endearing collection of ABBA cover versions.

Cher’s Twitter is the 8th wonder of the world. A largely unintelligible stream-of-consciousness, the pop icon bounces between political commentary and random topics like coffee mugs with the speed of a ping pong ball. Occasionally, she even spills a bit of tea on her career. Like this afternoon (November 20) when the immortal goddess raised the possibility of a followup to Dancing Queen. “If I was going to do [ABBA] 2,” Cher tweeted along with a tantalizing tracklist that is destined to make a fan’s mouth water.

If the album happens (and something tells me it will given the worldwide success of the first installment), the 72-year-old would tackle songs like “Take A Chance On Me,” “Super Trooper,” “Money Money Money,” “I Do I Do I Do,” “Honey Honey” and, most importantly, “Voulez Vous.” The only real surprise is “Rock Me,” which was only released as a single in Australia and New Zealand. Of course, being the democratic queen she is, Cher also asked for fan suggestions. Mine would be “Head Over Heels” or “Hasta MaƱana.” See her tweet below.

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