Fictional Television And Movie Bands That Totally Rocked Our World

Mariel Loveland | November 29, 2018 4:42 pm

In 2010, Aldous Snow enjoyed his week on the Billboard Charts. His band Infant Sorrow sold just under 4,000 copies of their debut LP. By today’s standards, that’s not an enormous amount, but it’s nothing to balk at for an indie band. Except Aldous Snow wasn’t the frontman of a DIY project. The singer was one of the most prolific rock stars in the modern era and being hotly pursued by a major label. At least in the version of Hollywood depicted by Get Him to the Greek.

Hollywood is good at faking it, and fictional bands from movies and TV are usually just as good as the real rockers they draw inspiration from. You might not see their names at the Grammys (unless you’re looking in the soundtrack section), but these unsung heroes deserve every ounce of their fictional — and sometimes very real — success.

Josie and the Pussycats (Josie and the Pussycats)

Why save the best for last when you can listen to them first? Josie and the Pussy Cats are more than just a fictional band. They’re the kind of Hollywood-made magic that acts as a time capsule of early ’00s pop-punk nostalgia wrapped tightly in polyurethane, animal-printed clothing. It’s as if Lizzie McGuire grew up, joined a band, and went on to save the world.

Beyond the supremely important message that a few girls can save the world (including Tara Reid, who currently spends most of her time staving off sharknados), the soundtrack was crafted by the epic, power-pop band Letters to Cleo. Singer Kay Hanly lent her voice to Josie, and by proxy, a generation.