Wrabel’s “First Winter” Is A Christmas Song With Real Heart

Mike Wass | November 30, 2018 12:45 am
Wrabel's 'Bloodstain' Video
Love goes horribly wrong in Wrabel's grim, yet relatable 'Bloodstain' video.

For every decent Christmas song, there are two dozen stinkers drowning in schmaltz. Happily, there are no tired clich├ęs or corny bells to be heard on Wrabel’s “First Winter.” This is just a pared-back love song with a festive twist. “December came, something changed, guess my wish came true,” the “11 Blocks” hitmaker sings in obvious reference to the terror that grips the forever-alone crowd at holidays. “Just like home, not alone, winter’s not so blue, my first winter with you.”

The 29-year-old then lists the ways that a little companionship has changed his Yuletide experience. “Another chair around the table, another gift under the tree,” he croons over strummed ukulele. “Another song about the season but they all sound new to me.” After all, it’s the little things that mean the most. In addition to revitalizing Christmas fare, Wrabel has been writing songs for other artists (Backstreet Boys, Kesha and Kygo) and hopefully working on the followup to 2017’s brilliant We Could Be Beautiful. Listen to “First Winter” below.

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