MØ Calls On Foster The People For Her Moody “Blur” Remix

Mike Wass | November 30, 2018 12:10 pm
Album Review: MØ's 'Forever Neverland'
The Danish pop star delivers one of the best albums of 2018 on her stellar debut.

One of the many highlights on MØ’s excellent Forever Neverland, “Blur” might be the catchiest ode to creative stagnation ever written. The Stint-produced banger is now getting the full single treatment — complete with a remix featuring Foster The People. (Or Mark Foster, to be more exact). While I’m not usually a fan of tinkering with pop perfection, the indie-rocker adds another layer to the song. Namely, it imbues the track with a distinctly West Coast vibe. Which is not a coincidence.

“I wanted the video for ‘Blur’ to be shot in California since the song to me is about having a writer’s block in LA, and feeling directionless inside a bubble,” MØ says of the just-released visual. “It was exciting for me to work with [director] Lauren Sick for this project because I felt like she really understood the sentiment behind the song. We wanted to make a simple story and a simple visual that reflects on the feeling of being stuck in a beautiful and familiar place, but twisting it somewhat and applying our own filter.”

They achieve this by having MØ prance around a skate park in glittery boots. There are also red veils and a night-time drive. It’s striking and suitably weird. Watch the video up top.

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