Astrid S Is The Other Woman On Sultry New Single, “Closer”

Mike Wass | December 4, 2018 12:21 pm
Astrid S Interview
We speak to the Norwegian pop star about soaring new single, 'Emotion.'

The evolution of Astrid S continues with “Closer.” After documenting a dysfunctional relationship on the brilliant “Emotion,” the Norwegian pop star comes at her latest single from a very different perspective. Namely, as the Other Woman. “I think we both know that you should tell her, kiss of my perfume is still on your sweater,” the 22-year-old purrs over strummed guitar. “This is the last time, it’s for the better.” Only, she isn’t ready to let go. “What can I do when every part of me is reaching for you with no apology?”

The second taste of Astrid’s much-anticipated debut LP is a snapshot of an artist reaching her full potential. This is bold, brutally honest and instantly catchy. “I’m so happy that Closer is FINALLY OUT in the world,” the hitmaker says. “I feel like this song shows a different and more mature side of me, and I’m excited and a bit nervous for you to hear it.” The track was co-written with Oscar Gorres, Ludvig Söderberg and James Allen. Fall in love with the rising star’s latest perfect pop song below.

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