Michelle Williams Stuns With Soaring Ballad “Fearless”

Mike Wass | December 7, 2018 1:11 pm
Flashback: Michelle's 'We Break The Dawn'
Michelle Williams' secular banger should have been a much bigger hit.

From the sadly slept-on Unexpected to the genre-melting magnificence of Journey To Freedom, Michelle Williams always delivers. The Destiny’s Child diva returns today (December 7) with a soaring ballad called “Fearless,” which coincides with the airing of her reality TV show Chad Loves Michelle. “I know you’re scared of heights, but take the jump anyway and you won’t regret it (no),” she sings, as much to herself as to the listener. “Because there’s a passion moving at the speed of light.”

The song really takes flight on the chorus. “We’re fighting a challenge of troubles deep inside, every nation standing side by side that don’t mind giving, giving the best of life,” Michelle belts. “Because I’m fearless.” Amen. Like much of the 38-year-old’s solo material, the song effortlessly juggles elements of R&B, pop and gospel. Which means that “Fearless” is accessible to the widest possible audience. If you need a dose of inspiration or just want to hear that beautiful voice at full steam, listen to the ballad below.

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