Avril Lavigne Reveals The Cover & Tracklist Of ‘Head Above Water’

Mike Nied | December 7, 2018 2:29 pm

Avril Lavigne’s return to music has been one of the happiest surprises of 2018. The 34-year-old ended a five-year drought with the unveiling of “Head Above Water” in September. Inspired by her battle with Lyme Disease, the triumphant pop/rock ballad was everything we needed from her comeback. But it was just the beginning. This week, she announced plans to drop a second single, “Tell Me It’s Over,” December 12. Today (December 7), she shared even more good news. Taking to social media, the “Smile” hitmaker revealed the cover and tracklist of her sixth LP, Head Above Water. Brace yourself, because it is a literal work or art.

Posing nude on the black-and-white cover, Avril hides her body behind a guitar and floats on top of water. Is this an allusion to her being the second coming? Titles like “Goddess” imply we may be onto something. Other titles that have me very excited include “Warrior,” “Love Me Insane” and “I Fell In Love With The Devil.” It seems clear that we’ll be getting a couple more tributes to her lengthy illness. However, the likes of “Dumb Blonde” give me hope that bops are also on the way. The prospect is even more likely with Bonnie McKee tied to the project.

Head Above Water is expected to drop in February and will be available for pre-order December 12. If we’re lucky Avril will share an exact release date then. Either way, I’m clearing out my calendar so I have plenty of time to listen on repeat. In the meantime, check out the cover art and tracklist below!

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