Loud Luxury On Their Global Smash “Body” & Next Move: Interview

Mike Wass | December 21, 2018 6:55 pm

If you have ventured anywhere near a club (or even turned on the radio) in the last six months, chances are you have already heard “Body.” An explosion of house beats with hip-hop phrasing and Drake references, Loud Luxury’s debut single cracked the top 10 in their native Canada, Australia and the UK. While their music is ubiquitous, less is known about the producers from London, Ontario. Comprised of Andrew Fedyk and Joe Depace, the duo is on a mission to bring the fun back to dance music while breaking as many rules as possible.

I recently caught up with the hitmakers in their adopted-hometown of Los Angeles and they opened up about their humble start in the City of Angels. Andrew and Joe also revealed how they met Brando, the featured vocalist on “Body,” and explained how they came up with their name. Other topics of conversation included their next single (it’s coming soon) and the possibility of singing on one of their own tracks (it’s unlikely). Get to know the rising stars a little better in our Q&A below.

“Body” just won’t die. Your song just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Andrew: It’s been surprising us every day, honestly. We were waiting for it to dip so we could be like, “Okay! It’s done, it’s over.”

Joe: Yeah, we had releases lined up and then it just kept growing and growing. We are trying to make the most of it.

Did you realize you were on to something big when you recorded it?

Joe: Honestly, yes and no. There are certain things I look for when we’re working on music. If I hear something and immediately think, “Okay, this is something we can work with”… then that’s kind of how it starts for me. I knew there was something there, but there were expectations. I was just like, “This is a dope track.”

Andrew: It felt more like a passion project for us where it was like, “I love this song, I’m very proud of it, but my expectations are super low.” Just because we were an unknown act at the time. It’s impossible to think, “Oh yeah, this song has a chance of going on radio.” It’s unheard of.

How did the song come together?

Joe: Here’s what happened. We had moved to Los Angeles from Toronto. Straight out of school, no money. I literally got a call and our manager was just like, “Okay you need to get the hell out of London, why are you still there?” So, we moved to LA. We had to get our visas, because we were playing shows and my visa came in late. I remember getting a call at nine pm saying, “You’re clear. You’re good to go.” And I had all of my bags packed and just drove to the airport.

Andrew: We were in LA, literally sharing a one bedroom apartment, cause we couldn’t afford anything else. We were sleeping in the same bed, it was not glamorous!

Joe: He’s not wrong.

Andrew: And eating oatmeal for every meal. At the time, our hustle was hitting up songwriters in the area and trying to work on tracks together. One artist manager got back to us and invited us to a showcase that just happened to be down the street from where we lived. So we went over and Brando, who we did “Body” with, was there and we were just blown away by his performance. It just felt like there was a great vibe there and we could do something special together.

So we approached him and totally forgot to say hi to the artist that we were actually there to see. We were just relentless about working together. That’s how “Body” came together. It just goes to show, you never know. You never know what can happen.

Who came up with all the Drake references in the song?

Andrew: That was actually Brando. Which is funny because he had never been to Toronto and then we brought him there. We were like, “Okay, it’s time, time to see what all the hype is about.” We asked him how he came up with the idea to do the Toronto references and he was like, “Oh man, you know, it just fit.”

Why do you think the song is connecting with so many people?

Joe: I have no idea. I wish I could tell you. People have been saying that there’s something refreshing about it, but honestly, for me, it makes me feel good when I listen to it. When I first heard the initial parts, I was like, “I like this, it makes me happy, it makes me feel good.” That’s what resonated with me and why I think it also resonates with other people. It’s a pretty uplifting song.

Andrew: My best guess would be that it has a very blend of genres. It’s like a house song, but the way that Brando sings is super timeless and kind of hip-hop. It has also got a country twang. At a time when Post Malone is one of the biggest artists in the world, it just makes sense that people are looking for something that blends everything that they like together.

I also think it’s because “Body” goes hard. We’ve gone through a phase of down-tempo EDM and this feels like a breath of fresh air.

Joe: Yeah, even before this song we fell out of love with writing sad, emotional stuff. There’s always this fine line between too cheesy and too sad. That’s what we always look for, that sweet spot.

Andrew: Exactly. That’s what we love about hip-hop. The confidence. It’s something that we tried to bring into dance. When you listen to hip-hop songs, it’s full of material references and bragging and I’m like, “Damn. I want this confidence! I want to be able to channel that energy into our music.

Something tells me there’s a lot of life left in “Body.” How long before you drop a remix with a rapper? That’s usually the next step.

Joe: Ahhh, something might be coming soon. [Laughs]. You’re very perceptive.

Do you worry about being able to match the success of “Body” with your next single?

Joe: Not really, kind of. There is that whole aspect to it, but I don’t want to let that rule the way that I work and make music. I don’t want to be in the studio and think, “I have to make a hit right now, if I don’t make a hit then we’re screwed.” I don’t want to prescribe to that mentality.

Andrew: It will just come. I think we both really believe in our instincts strongly enough that as long as we keep making music we love, another song will hit again in the same way.

I have to ask. How did you come up with the name Loud Luxury?

Andrew: It’s a funny story. When I was growing up in Toronto, I worked with YouTube rappers. I was still in high school. Their music was really bad, but they had very catchy names for everything. They made a song with me called “Loud Luxury” and I just remember thinking, “This is a terrible song, but this name’s cool.” I just sort of bookmarked it.

Joe: When we realized that we were going to be an actual group and play shows, I was like, “Alright, come over. We’re going to have some beers and get all the socials together and come up with a name. We made a list of names and “Loud Luxury” was the winner.

Andrew: It was kind of a no-brainer. In hindsight, I think maybe subconsciously, it describes who we are really well. We’re all about contrast and being that person in the middle of a crazy party that’s just chill and hanging out. It has come to describe us well.

You have released a couple of songs since “Body.” Would you classify them as buzz tracks?

Joe: We’re in a weird position because “Body” did so well that our team were like, “We should wait because we don’t wanna put out other songs that take away from “Body.” However, it got to the point where we had to put out something for our fans in Canada and other places that supported us from the beginning to let them know that we’re still with them. We have a lot of stuff that we’re sitting on, single-wise. We’re just trying to figure out when is the right time to release it.

Will your next single have a feature?

Joe: Yes, that’s the plan.

Andrew: We’re actually working on some really exciting stuff right now, with some bigger names. It’s just all about getting it locked in. We don’t want to jinx it, but once that stuff gets locked in, we will have a better idea of what’s next.

Good luck! Will you ever sing on your own songs like Calvin Harris and The Chainsmokers?

Joe: Not right now, maybe later down the line. We would definitely need vocal lessons.

Andrew: It’s all about having the best music, you know what I mean. We’re not really going to sing on our songs as a marketing tool. We’re not going to do that just to create some sort of dimension to our live shows.

Is there an EP or album coming?

Joe: It’s not something that we’re really focused on right now. We just want to make songs that we feel special about, but that’s definitely something down the line that we’re going to explore. We definitely want to release an album at some point.

Andrew: We’re just really hungry to establish ourselves first. Once we have a firm footing and people know what we’re about, that’s when we can start exploring an album a bit more.

Thanks for your time.

Andrew: Thank you.

Joe: Thanks!

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