Azealia Banks’ ‘Icy Colors Change’ EP Is Not An Instant Holiday Classic

Mike Nied | December 21, 2018 4:58 pm

Azealia Banks took a break from tweeting up controversial hot-takes and selling asshole-brightening soap to deliver her idea of a Christmas gift. Yesterday (December 20), the 27-year-old unveiled a holiday EP called Icy Colors Change. Unfortunately, it is not an instant classic. She opens the project with the title track, which feels like a fitting follow-up to “Anna Wintour” with its unique blend of house beats and seasonal production. On it, she oscillates between singing and rapping about watching the season’s change with a loved one. It’s a unique concept. But a bloated runtime really kills the vibe. The “212” rapper could have had her social media accounts suspended several times over before the song finally ends.

After giving original festive fare a shot, she warbles her way through some jazz-infused covers. The first is a rendition of “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve.” Recorded with a live band, Azealia gives it her all. There are a couple spots where her voice verges on grating, but it is a fresh take. My personal favorite is the closer – “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.” The iconic standard opens with an extended instrumental. When she finally starts singing in earnest – around the two-and-a-half minute mark – the hitmaker is at her best. This is the only track where the five-minute-plus runtime is not unwarranted. Meanwhile, the rest of the EP lingers past its expiration date.

After a couple of listens, Icy Colors Change is not as terrible as I first thought. However, I’m not sure I’ll be asking for the deluxe version as a stocking stuffer anytime soon. Give it a listen below if you dare.

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