Does Britney Spears Have A Song Called “On It” With Rich The Kid?

Mike Nied | January 2, 2019 1:37 pm

What better way to start off 2019 than with a new rumor about Britney Spears’ next single? Anticipation has been sky-high for the Pop Princess to grace us with a follow-up to Glory. It seemed like 2018 would be the year we got new music. After all, what better way to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of “…Baby One More Time” than with another smash? But it was not to be. Instead, the icon spent time on the road and teasing the announcement of Domination. Since then, she’s been busy in the dance studio sharing snippets of her new setlist (no sign of “Overprotected,” yet). Although she’s remained tight-lipped about her time in the recording studio, that hasn’t stopped stans from putting forth a variety of potential new songs. First there was “Apple Pie,” a rumor based on her excessive use of the apple emoji on Instagram.

Alas, nothing came of that rumor. Just last month, stan Twitter went into hysterics again over a potential collaboration with Cardi B. This time we got another song title – “Strip Down.” And it seemed even more legit when the “Money” rapper promised a new song with an unexpected collaborator on Instagram Live. However, we still haven’t seen anything to confirm the track actually exists. Outside of our imaginations, that is. And today (January 2), we are already moving on to the next one. This time, B is apparently on a song titled “On It” with Rich The Kid. An “insider” Twitter account started the rumor, and it appears that the “Splashin” rapper signed off on it by retweeting the account’s message. Many are taking this as a sign that “On It” is indeed real and will be her next song to storm the Billboard Hot 100. But what is the truth?

At this point it’s worth keeping in mind that even an apparent confirmation from her collaborator doesn’t guarantee that the song will come to fruition. After all, we can’t forget Pitbull swore he was dropping a song featuring Britney and Marc Antony last summer. We’re still waiting on that one to materialize. With her latest residency starting in February, now seems to be the ideal time to drop a new bop. But nothing is official just yet. In the immortal words of the Holy Spearit, we’ll just have to “wait and see” what comes out of the latest rumors. In the meantime, check out the evidence below!

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