Billie Eilish Drops New Single “When I Was Older”

Mike Nied | January 9, 2019 12:05 am

UPDATE: “When I Was Older” has arrived, and it is another testament to Billie’s undeniable talent. Stream the eerie bop below.

Billie Eilish isn’t waiting too long to drop her first new song in 2019. The 17-year-old is poised to be one of the next Big Things in pop. Her incredible streaming numbers should be all the evidence you need to see that. However, if you need more proof, look no further than a recent co-sign from Apple and a stamp of approval from Coachella. Things are looking very good for the budding superstar as she prepares to take the stage at the acclaimed festival this April. But before then we’ll get at least one more new song from her. Last night (January 7), she revealed that her next release is called “When I Was Older.” It drops tomorrow and signifies another creative collaboration.

This time around the “lovely” hitmaker is teaming up with creators of the Netflix film Roma. Released in November, it was met with critical acclaim and is getting plenty of Oscar buzz. So much so that it looks like they are organizing an album of music inspired by the movie. Billie’s is the first song announced for the project, and it sounds like it will be a standout. Based on a teaser she uploaded, “When I Was Older” is shaping up to be a rather menacing anthem. “Memories burn like a forest fire. Heavy rain turns any funeral pyre. Tonight, in the flames,” she sings over a brooding production. “When I was older,” she stutters right before the snippet cuts out.

Listen below.

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