Justin Tranter Will Executive-Produce Britney Spears’ 10th Album

Mike Wass | January 10, 2019 5:07 pm
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While the gay community is still reeling from the cancellation of Britney Spears’ Domination residency due to her father’s ill health, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Variety has revealed that the pop icon’s 10th album will be executive-produced by Justin Tranter. Of course, the human hit machine has previously worked with Britney on 2016’s Glory. His songwriting credits on that album include “Slumber Party,” “Just Like Me,” “Better” and the legendary Latin-bop, “Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés).”

There’s a hitch, however. The project is on hold while the 37-year-old looks after her dad. Which means that the project is likely to be postponed until late 2019 or even 2020. What can we expect from B10 when it finally arrives? “Chill bops. Full on bops,” Justin tweeted in reference to the album’s direction. “The whole spectrum of bops!” He also hinted at pushing Britney in new and exciting directions, telling fans to “just wait.” While we wait for Papa Spears to recover and the opus to come together, revisit one of B & J’s previous collaborations below.

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