Selena Gomez & Niall Horan Feature On Julia Michaels’ New EP

Mike Wass | January 19, 2019 7:11 pm
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Julia Michaels brightened up New Music Friday by announcing the imminent arrival of her Inner Monologue Part 1 EP. “Couldn’t be more nervous if I tried,” the breakout star wrote on social media. “But here’s a piece of my mind and my heart… it’s yours next week.” On January 25, to be exact. If that wasn’t exciting enough, she fired up Instagram this morning to reveal the six-song tracklist and there are a couple of surprises. Niall Horan lends his voice to “What A Time,” while longtime collaborator Selena Gomez jumps on “Anxiety.”

The lyrics to the latter track have already surfaced online and it’s shaping up to be an extraordinarily frank account of mental illness. “But all my friends they don’t know what it’s like (what it’s like), they don’t understand why I can’t sleep through the night,” Julia apparently sings on the chorus. “I’ve been told that I could take something to fix it, but then I wish (I wish) it was that simple.” The song clearly cuts close to the bone for both artists and is destined to help a lot of people experiencing similar issues. See the full tracklist below.

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