From Geeky To Gorgeous, These Childhood Stars Hit The Puberty Pot Of Gold

Burtland Dixon | January 24, 2019 5:21 pm

The acting business can be a grueling one, especially if you become a star at a young age. At first, everyone loves you because you’re so adorable, but youth doesn’t last forever. On top of growing up, child actors also have to worry about being typecast. Getting typecast from the start may thoroughly harm their chances of landing any roles once they out-grow their young roles. But these talented stars who were once cast as geeks grew up to be gorgeous. Wait until you see some of these transformations.

Josh Peck Wanted To Take Control

Josh Peck was once the goofy, uncoordinated stepbrother to Drake on Nickelodeon’s hit TV series, Drake & Josh. He also was more on the chubby side, but who counts calories that young? Peck probably laughs at old pictures of himself.

Josh Peck
SGranitz / Contributor/Frazer Harrison / Staff
SGranitz / Contributor/Frazer Harrison / Staff

After a whole generation grew up with Peck, puberty struck and transformed him into a handsome, not so heavy-set, gentleman. Peck was open about his weight loss and how he wanted to take control of his health. Good for him!