They’re Back! Backstreet Boys Drop Their New Album ‘DNA’

Mike Nied | January 25, 2019 1:44 pm
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Backstreet’s back, alright! This week, the Backstreet Boys rejoin the New Music Friday fray with the unveiling of DNA. It’s been 6 years since the legendary boy band dropped their last album, In A World Like This. A lot has changed for them since then. They’ve made the move to RCA Records and dominated the Vegas Strip with a hot new show. And they have been making up for lost time with a slew of high-quality content. The quintet kicked off the new era with one of their best songs since the ’90s – “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” Featuring a sing-along chorus and synth-heavy production, it rocketed to the top spot on US iTunes and scored them a nomination at the 2019 Grammys.

Next up was “Chances” – another smash. This one boasts writing credits from Ryan Tedder and Shawn Mendes and another irresistible production. On it, the guys celebrate an unlikely romance with its roots in a bar. “What are the chances that we’d end up dancing? Like 2 in a million, like once in a life,” they croon. It’s the type of anthem that deserves to conquer the Billboard Hot 100. Hopefully it gets a chance this year. That romance carries over to “No Place.” The breezy love song screams summer and features some of the LP’s sweetest lyrics. “I’ve been all around the world. Done all there is to do. But you’ll always be the home I wanna come home to,” they sing. “There ain’t no place, ain’t no place like you.”

The hot streak continued with the a cappella “Breathe.” Highlighting their perfect harmonies, it is an undeniable testament to the group’s chemistry, which has been forged over the years. And the vocals are heaven-sent. Seriously, chill-inducing. Unsurprisingly, the rest of the LP holds up with the excellent buzz tracks. It looks like “New Love” may be up as the next single. It’s featured prominently on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist, and the decision makes perfect sense. This is one of the tracklist’s most obvious bangers. Sexy and danceable, it could notch them another hit. “Passionate” is an equally infectious floor filler.

“Passionate. I can’t help it. I need to get my hands on all of it,” they declare over sirens. Toss in an instrumental break, and it is guaranteed to go hard during any live show. That’s not to say DNA is all floor fillers, though. “Just Like You Like It” strips things way back for a night of passion. “Turn that music way down low. We’ll take it nice and slow. I’ll play it for you, just like you like it.” It’s an undeniably sensual moment on the collection. “The Way It Was” is another bedroom anthem. But there’s a twist. This one is all about reuniting with a former flame. “I’m going crazy over you, over you again,” they realize on the retro chorus.

“Chateau” treads in similar territory. “Baby, I want you back. There’s a space in my bed, in the shape of your head.” The midtempo also has the distinction of featuring some of the LP’s meatiest vocals. Meanwhile the Backstreet Boys showcase their maturity on “Is It Just Me.” The atmospheric cut is all about a relationship that’s hit a snag. “Is it just me or did our talks get a little bit shorter? Is it just me or did the nights get a little bit colder?” Thankfully, they end DNA on a high point with “OK.” This one is a spirit-lifting love song with a joyful production. “Nothing else matters. As long as I’m with you, I’m OK.” Overflowing with hits, the album is just as good as anything the group released in the past. Stream it in full below and pick a favorite song!

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