Cameron Dallas Talks “Why Haven’t I Met You” & Musical Ambitions: Interview

Mike Nied | January 28, 2019 4:30 pm
Cameron Launches Pop Career
Cameron Dallas drops a dreamy video for debut single, 'Why Haven't I Met You?'

Cameron Dallas is poised for big things in 2019. The 24-year-old is looking to establish a hold on the music industry the same way he did with social media. And he is off to a great start. Last October, he dropped his single “Why Haven’t I Met You?” Out via Columbia Records, it is racking up impressive streaming numbers (7 million and counting on Spotify). Meanwhile, the accompanying video has amassed more than 4.6 million views. The breezy anthem set the scene for a true takeover, but it is only a taste of what is on the way.

I recently had the opportunity to ask Cameron a couple questions about his musical ambitions and plans for the rest of the year. The rising star opened up about some of his biggest influences, offered insight into the sound of his debut album and shared some details about the “Why Haven’t I Met You” video shoot. He also teased plans for future performances and reflected on the success he’s found on streaming platforms. Revisit his latest single and dive into our Q&A below!

Between Vine and various acting projects, you’ve already had a lengthy career. What made you decide to pursue music this year?

I’ve been working on music for the past couple years and it’s all coming out now. This feels right and I’m stoked to be doing it now.

You released a couple of songs in 2015. What has changed for you between now and then?

A lot. I’ve grown as an artist and I really want the music I put out to be good. “Why Haven’t I Met You” is the first piece in that puzzle.

“Why Haven’t I Met You” is a bop! Can you talk a bit about the inspiration behind it?

Thanks! I’m constantly traveling and busy all the time, there hasn’t really been a moment where I’ve gotten to really know someone over a long period time.

You have an album in the works right now. Is “Why Haven’t I Met You” indicative of the sound you’ll be exploring on future releases?

It’s a warm up. The next song is going to be completely different where I’m almost going to be rapping and the song after that is going to be different than the other two. It’s a part of the music I want to develop, but I really just want to release good music.

You’re drawing some comparisons to Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes with the song. Would you say they are some of your biggest inspirations?

I’m inspired by the people I write with. Those guys’ music is fire, but I mostly get a lot from Chris Miles and Eman.

Since dropping in October, “Why Haven’t I Met You” has been streamed more than 7 million times on Spotify. How does that feel as an artist to see that kind of fan support?

It’s awesome that people are giving it this kind of reaction. I’ve been working on music for almost three years and it’s dope to have the work pay off like this.

What was it like working on the video?

It was amazing. We spent a week in Tepoztlán Mexico. Annie and our entire team killed it and it was a blast.

On the topic of the video, there’s one other thing I wanted to ask about – the spider. I noticed that it also appears in some of your merch. Does it represent something to you?

At the beginning of the creative process my creative director and I came up with some symbols that would convey the meaning of the song, and we settled on the sunflower and the spider. They’re two sides of the story. The spider is poisonous and dark and comes out at night, and the sunflower is bright and happier, but still needs light to keep going.

Can you give us any teasers about what we can expect on your album?

It’s not gonna be what you’re expecting.

Do you have any plans to perform next year?

We’re working on some really cool ideas with holograms so you won’t really know where I am on stage.

Are there any artists you’d really like to collaborate with in the future?

Leonardo DiCaprio

What are some of your biggest goals musically in the new year?

Keep on releasing good music.

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