One Last Party: ALMA Contemplates The End On New Single “When I Die”

Mike Nied | February 1, 2019 12:33 pm

UPDATE: You can now stream ALMA’s “When I Die” video below!

After dropping one of 2018’s best projects – the impeccable Heavy Rules MixtapeALMA will bless us with her debut album this year. Titled Have You Seen Her?, it arrives April 5 and is sure to be overflowing with high-quality content. The 23-year-old has the golden touch when it comes to unrepentant bops. However, with the release of last year’s “Cowboy,” her music is also becoming more personal. “I don’t want to bullshit anyone or write empty pop bangers,” she promised at the time. And that vow carries over onto her latest single – “When I Die.” Out today (February 1), it sees her contemplating death with a frank honesty. However, there is nothing subdued about the reflections. Instead, she’s looking to turn her passing into one hell of a party.

“When I die, I hope everyone got two drinks in their hands,” the Finnish pop star demands. That’s not all, though. “When I die, when I die, I hope everyone gets on their feet and mother-fucking dance.” ALMA opened up about the Justin Tranter and Mike Sabbath-assisted anthem in a press release. “This song was born from a big conversation about when and how we leave the world is so out of our control,” she explained. “We spend so much time worrying about things out of our control, we’re always trying to be better, richer, more successful. We rarely appreciate the moments in front of us. Go to the party, blow your money (even if you have work tomorrow) you will survive!”

ALMA brings the track to life in the video. “I wanted the video to look like our last party, what might the night look like if we knew this was it,” the neon-haired hitmaker said of the Miikka Lommi-directed release. Give the song a listen below and keep an eye on this post. We’ll update it with the official video once it is available on YouTube!

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