Stream Broods’ Brilliantly-Titled ‘Don’t Feed The Pop Monster’ Album

Mike Nied | February 1, 2019 3:47 pm

Broods take their creativity to the next level on their newly released third album, Don’t Feed The Pop Monster. 2018 proved to be a transitional time for the brother-sister pair as they switched record labels and readied the release of their first LP since 2016’s Conscious. And those changes were reflected in the sonic direction of the exuberant lead single “Peach.” Blending a variety of sounds, it sees Georgia Nott celebrating those moments when she feels not great but alright. “I’m high and I’m low. No control. But everything’s looking peach now,” she sings. Brother and collaborator Caleb Nott added some insight during an interview with the NZ Herald. “[The song] is about just celebrating being good. When you just feel really fine. Not over the top good, or really low.”

After launching the era with the uplifting anthem, they kept the good vibes going with a string of equally excellent buzz tracks. “Everything Goes (Wow)” charts the passing of time but emphasizes the importance of living in the moment. “Time slips away, and I lose another day. But I try not to wish for anything but this,” Georgia chants. There was a bit of a sonic switch-up as the Kiwi duo moved on to “Hospitalized.” Here, they address the desire to validate the pain they’re feeling by breaking down and winding up in urgent care. “‘Cause I feel like I’m broken, but I’ve never got a reason. So I’m gonna jump, I’m gonna push myself until I get hospitalized.”

“Falling Apart” followed closely behind, offering one final glimpse of the record before it dropped today (February 1). This one features a weary message, as they contemplate the embattled state of the world. “When will it feel like we’ve won,” they ask on the chorus. After such an impressive buildup, the rest of the album is just as strong. Opener “Sucker” is about exploring new trends but coming back to your roots. “I catch the bug, get well, get sick, get well,” Georgia admits. “But I’ll always go back to the same old things – my Stevie and Sting.” Things take a turn for the sassy on “Old Dog.” The plucky anthem all but commands fans to sing along as the siren asserts her independence over a wild instrumental. “I’m an old dog now. I’m not here just to please.”

The feather-light “Why Do You Believe Me?” seems to offer a glimpse into the disconnect between the siblings and anyone who asks about their experiences with fame. It also alludes to struggles with anxiety and depression, a recurring theme on the LP. “Why do you believe me when I say I’m in control? I don’t wanna sleep tonight and feel nothing at all.” They revisit the theme on “Too Proud,” a groundbreaking release for the pair. On it Caleb takes the lead on vocals for the first time. Over a rousing production, he addresses the stigmatization around discussion of mental health, especially amongst men. “I’m sinking deeper than I ever thought I would go,” he admits. “Too many times that I’ve been too proud to let it out.” It is undeniably an emotional high point on the project.

The same could be said for “Everytime You Go” and “To Belong.” The former sees Georgia searching for more in a relationship. “Every time you go, I cry. Oceans pouring from my eyes,” she coos as the production picks up under her voice. She makes a plea for transparency on the bridge. “Is it good enough to know it’s enough? ‘Cause I need to know that you need my love.” Meanwhile, the latter is a personal favorite. Clocking in at 5:47, it’s the longest song on the tracklist. And listening is an aural experience as Georgia’s voice rises over a choir. “I know you want nothing more than just to belong,” she sings on the chorus. However, she urges listeners to ride out any rough spots on the bridge. “If you love the flight, hold on for life.” The end result is utterly heavenly.

Closer “Life After” puts everything in perspective. Here, the hitmakers imagine the idyllic adventures waiting for them after death. Vaguely retro, the mellow anthem ends the project on a(nother) high note. Broods provides no shortage of quality content on the album. Now, the only question left is if you are able to pick a favorite from the mix. Stream Don’t Feed The Pop Monster in full below!

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