Our Savior! Marina’s New Single Is Called “Handmade Heaven”

Mike Nied | February 4, 2019 5:12 pm

To say that anticipation is high to hear new music from pop goddess Marina is a serious understatement. The Brit sent fans into hysterics when she announced plans to drop a new single – the first off her fourth album – this Friday (February 8). She provided some insight into the forthcoming release in an interview with Dazed last week. Described as a “contemporary pop record” and featuring collabs with “the most talked-about writers and producers of the past decade,” it goes without saying that the LP is expected to save pop music. Thus, it is hardly surprising that the mysterious single is on our radar. Today (February 4), things got even more exciting as the “Baby” vocalist unveiled its title on Spotify.

“Been on my @Spotify today? ✨ new single title begins with ‘H’… I know some of you have been sleuthing since 9am,” the diva teased on social media. Gradually a handful of other letters began circulating, and people put the pieces together. Fans were quick to pick up on the trend, which seemed to delight the hitmaker and her team. “‘They are the Sherlock Holmes of fanbases’ – my management,” Marina tweeted. In doing so, she appears to have confirmed that the song’s new title is “Handmade Heaven.” But that’s not all. While replying to another fan, she confirmed that a ballad was on the way. Friday officially cannot come soon enough! Check out the innovative roll-out below!

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