Oh Snap! MNEK Puts A Boy On Blast In His “Girlfriend” Video

Mike Nied | February 6, 2019 2:33 pm

MNEK made waves with the release of his debut LP Language. After years of writing hits for some of pop’s biggest names, the 24-year-old firmly moved to the forefront with a collection of very, very good bops. “Tongue” was without a doubt one of my favorite songs of 2018. In a perfect world, it would have dominated the charts for weeks on end. That was sadly not the case. Thankfully, we’re getting a chance to rectify the injustice. Today (February 6) the rising star is turning his attention to another fan favorite – “Girlfriend.” On the barbed anthem, he takes a partner to task for still being involved with a woman.

“If your girlfriend knew, bout me and you. Bout what we do, tell me what would she do” he asks. “I just wanted to have lyrics like that to make people say, ‘Oh shit,'” he explained in an exclusive interview last year. It looks like he had a similar goal for the video. Out today, MNEK co-directed the release with Jordan Rossi. “i’m so proud of this one- it’s the last track i’m releasing from #language🌀 so i wanted to end this era with a bang,” he explained on Instagram. In it, he brings the tumultuous romance to life. Laying in bed next to his boyfriend, a call from the man’s girlfriend instantly sours the mood. The fashionable hitmaker’s totally justified frustration is increasingly evident on his face.

Meanwhile the girl is blissfully unaware of what is going on behind her back. As a side note, can someone please teach her how to crack an egg? I’m getting concerned. Crimes against baking aside, it is hard not to feel some pity for the unsuspecting woman. All she wants to do is celebrate her five-year anniversary. But it all comes crashing down with a surprise twist at the end. Check out the video below!

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